It was great to be invited back to Joliet West High School, in which we branded one of the end walls in the newly renovated training room. Once used for storage, it will now be used as a full training area, now with a 136″ x 86″ custom designed vinyl wall wrap. We just wish that darn conduit pipe could be above the ceiling, not below and through the wall. Oh well.

For this project, Mundelein High School welcomed us back to install graphics on their gym doors. We wrapped 2 sets of quad doors, the overall size of the graphic is 165” wide by 85.5” tall, plus a 5” center frame divider. Wrapping quad doors such as these are highly sought-after projects by our clients. Doors can often be quite drab and boring, not to mention old and beat up due to usage. Wrapping them with a fresh branded design gives them a whole new look, pride in the school and makes them way more cool! Check out the before and after images below.

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Before and After