Considerations and Terms/Conditions



The information provided below will explain and guide you through some process, expectations and the requirements necessary for a successful facility graphic installation. Please read this thoroughly, as successful projects, from beginning to end, are followed by proper planning. These notes, guidelines and considerations need be shared with your staff and anyone that will be involved with any part of the planning, designing, approving, preparation and facilitating the installation (i.e. building staff).

General Notes


Estimates are valid for thirty (30) days, our estimates will be reevaluated outside that timeframe and adjusted, if necessary. We simplify pricing, including travel and setup/breakdown costs associated with all projects requested, unless otherwise noted. These costs are allocated across the entire listing of projects (if more than one), and any change in the scope of work may affect the individual prices of remaining work. We clearly list what is included and may make notations that are not included.


The estimate’s pricing is based on several factors, including items such as: design requirements, surface, location and equipment required (specifically if height requirement is taller than an average wall), material required, overall measurements, etc. Know that this is an estimate only and that pricing can and will change with any updated and more accurate information. For example, if general measurements were initially supplied and at a later time, a site inspection found those original measurements inaccurate, or perhaps, the design time was projected too high/low, the estimate will be updated.


We will be in communication with you throughout the entire process. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason, at any time, no matter how unimportant it may feel to you, as it may be a concern for us.


Depending upon the scope of the project(s), sometimes deposits are required, and will be listed on the estimate. Final invoicing will be sent within a few days upon completion of the installation.


Occasionally, test prints are requested. We will certainly provide anything you may need, but will not be included unless specified in your request. Since all projects are unique, there are other variables and considerations that may occur and affect the final invoicing as well, but we’ll address that when required.


Once a decision has been made to move forward with approval, let us know and the design process will begin. Whether you provide the design, or our artists create one for you, the process will generally include visual proofing and will require your timely communication. Changes will be made per your request(s), until a final written approval has been submitted on the design. Please note that the final approval means you have fully accepted the design, as presented, and that any changes and costs associated thereafter will be your responsibility. Once all graphics are approved, we will discuss and schedule installation, generally within 2-4 weeks. If you have an “install by date” or a specific day(s) in mind, please let us know as soon as possible. We will try to accommodate your request as best as possible but that may affect the length of the design phase.

Responsibilities and Guidelines


Proper surface preparation is an absolute must. This promotes a clean install and longevity of the graphic. For example, some areas for you to consider to be prepped would be dings and gouges in drywall or missing laminate at the bottom of wooden doors. These areas may not allow the graphic to adhere properly, thus reducing its longevity. In the case of a freshly painted surface, a minimum of 30 days is required for the paint to out-gas (or “cure”), so air bubbles are not trapped under the installed graphic.


It is the facility’s responsibility to have walls, windows, doors and/or other surfaces, where the graphic will be applied, to be free of dirt, debris (including tape and any adhesive residue) and any other surface preparation not specifically listed in the quote. The installers will perform fine tune cleaning and such, just prior to applying the graphic. Most, if not all other concerns, were identified (such as exposed piping, unused hardware, etc.) and solutions discussed prior. Please note that charges will apply if surface is not in an acceptable condition or additional time and/or delay is required on installation day.


Short Term vs. Long Term applications: We view short term applications being less than a year, long term use, over a year. Most of the materials we install are requested to stay up “as long as possible” requiring a vinyl with permanent adhesive qualities. We also utilize this type of adhesive in high traffic areas such walls and entrance doors. Removing the graphic, over time, is certainly possible but may leave damage to the existing surface, specifically drywall (depending upon quality of initial primed and painted surface). The short-term applications typically utilize removable (or repositionable) adhesive so minimal damage and adhesive is left once removed. Most graphic applications have these options. We will automatically choose the appropriate type during the estimate phase but will add options upon request.


Window applications, specifically using perforated vinyl, requires a minimum ambient temperature of 55F (preferably a temperature greater than 60F), while non-perforated vinyl can be installed at a minimum 50F. Below 50F, the vinyl becomes too rigid causing difficulty working with it, and adhesive will not to perform (stick) properly, thus reducing the life, or perhaps not adhering at all.


Door wraps (and other locations) require removal of hardware for a clean and proper install. Some hardware, depending upon the complexity, age and/or if electronics are embedded, will require facility staff to remove the hardware on or prior to installation day. This will be commented on the estimate. Please notify all facility staff prior to installation day.


For drywall graphics applications, the wall must be primed and have at least one coat of paint, 30-days prior to installation. Unfinished or primed drywall will not allow the vinyl adhesive to adhere properly and will not be covered under warrantee if any failure of product or installation occurs.


Coverage of vinyl on brick and block, painted or unpainted, has qualities of their own. We use a premium cast vinyl product that conforms to the textured surface, giving a finished “painted” look. This process involves superheating the vinyl and using a high-density rolling system, pushing superheated vinyl onto the surface and into the grout lines. However, vinyl only stretches so much. If the grout line depth is more than .125”, there is a probability that the vinyl will “tent”, or not stretch enough to attach itself to the deep channels.


Frequently, we find that lift equipment will be required for an installation and will be clearly stated on the estimate. Generally, scissors or other type of aerial lifts will be rented and will require coordination with the facility on the first/last day of installation. Charges for the rental will be added to the final invoice, unless the facility has an appropriate lift available for us to use.


The install process will require extra floor space in and around where the graphic will be placed. Please remove any large items, wall hangings, etc. from the location that would hinder access, prior to the arrival of the installers.



Keep in mind that the quality and detail of your completed project is dependent upon the quality and detail that the project’s design begins with. We need to consider the scope of the project and start with appropriate files. Since most facility projects are large or on a grand scale, we always recommend starting with the highest quality files, logos, and/or images available.


Any file submitted, but not limited to (specifically) vector logo files, are assumed to have been properly designed and approved when it was commissioned. We generally do not question your branded file(s) and we do not warrant or guarantee the final design or installed graphic due to flaws in submitted artwork. However, if we do find that a file is outside of the project’s requirements, you will be advised of our concern and possible suggestions of an adjustment or change will be presented.


When planning to do your own design, we require a minimum 100-125 dpi, at final graphic size, for large/grand pieces, and a higher (suggested 180 dpi) for much smaller sized projects. Remember to always add a bleed to the outer edges (typically 1”) to account for production and installation procedures, leaving a clean, final product.


We prefer the following file types: .jpg, .tif, .ai, .pdf, but will accept others subject to additional charges. We can accommodate RGB and CMYK. Please specify Pantone colors if required.

Respect and Safety


We want to help create long lasting visual impressions during the time we are at your facility. Know that we will respect your facility and property as if it were our own, be sensitive to your daily routines and do everything we can to minimize necessary disruption to your facility’s “normal” day.


We take every precaution necessary to create a safe working environment, not only for the installers, but everyone around the area.

Copyright Information


By accepting/approving this or any estimate version, states that you understand that all approved content used in design, print and installation, is free from any copyright infringements and releases any liability to us during any and all phases of the project(s). Please know that we retain the right to use images of the prior and post installation in our information pages of completed work.


Any concerns should be addressed prior to accepting/approving the estimate.

Warranty and Liability


We warrant our workmanship for one (1) year from the installation date. All sub straights, films, laminate and ink carry the manufactures warranty for replacement product. Details of manufactures warranties are on file and a copy can be requested. We do not warrant against tampering, vandalism, accidental damage, unforeseen conditions or any other non-installation or non-product issue of an installed graphic. We will repair non-warranted damage and charge any fees associated with the repair.

Payment Terms


The final billing of completed work is generally sent out within a few days of order completion. Please send payment within 30 days of receipt of the invoice, unless other arrangements have been made and notated on the estimate. We assess a finance charge of 1.5% on all amounts received after that time. In an unlikely event that a request of cancelation has been submitted after an initial approval of estimate, but prior to the completion of your order, you will be responsible for any and all work completed prior to cancelation and subject to a 15% cancelation fee.

Acceptance of Approval


All estimate approvals must be in writing. We accept correspondence via either e-mail, stating specifically that an approval has been made and/or by signing and returning our approval document. Both methods mean that you have read through and approve the estimate and subsequent contents, thus authorizing us to begin the (design and) production process as specified and agreed upon. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD APPROVAL FORM.